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    'I born original & unique, i have the power to make my unique identity. I hate those who loves to identify themselves with others identity. why people love to live with others credit where as they have the power to make their own identity. Make your own & live proudly! '
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    'If you can't Love Your motherland then you can't Love anyone as your motherland gives you a unique identity.'
    (#Country #Dream #children #life #smile)
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    An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience.
    (James Baldwin (1924-1987), U.S. author. "No Name in the Street," The Price Of The Ticket (1972, repr. 1985).)
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    Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth.
    (Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929), French semiologist. "Astral America," America (1986, trans. 1988).)
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    All that remains is the mad desire for present identity through a woman.
    (Max Frisch (1911-1991), Swiss author, critic. Originally published as Montauk, Suhrkamp (1975). Montauk, pp. 95-96, trans. by Geoffrey Skelton, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1976). Frisch's autobiographical musings about aging.)
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    The firmest friendship is based on an identity of likes and dislikes.
    (Gaius Sallustius Crispus (c. 86-35/34 B.C.), Roman historian. Catilina, XX.)
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    All personal, psychological, social, and institutionalized domination on this earth can be traced back to its source: the phallic identities of men.
    (Andrea Dworkin (b. 1946), U.S. feminist critic. Speech, March 1, 1975, at State University of New York, Stony Brook. "The Rape Atrocity and the Boy Next Door," ch. 4, published in Our Blood (1976).)
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    When I quit working, I lost all sense of identity in about fifteen minutes.
    (Paige Rense (b. 1929), U.S. author and editor. As quoted in the New York Times, p. 37 (February 21, 1994). The writer and Architectural Digest editor was recalling her brief period of being a housewife.)
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    Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity, in the most remote parts.
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher. Oration, August 31, 1837, delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Cambridge, Massachusetts. "The American Scholar," repr. In Emerson: Essays and Lectures, ed. Joel Porte (1983).)
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    Body and soul, Black America reveals the extreme questions of contemporary life, questions of freedom and identity: How can I be who I am?
    (June Jordan (b. 1939), U.S. poet, civil rights activist. essay originally published in Evergreen Review (New York, Oct. 1969). Black Studies: Bringing Back The Person, Moving Towards Home: Political Essays (1989).)
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