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    If man could write his own fate, he would have designed his journey to be without obstacles. Yet all obstacles come with valuable lessons designed just for you and only you. Suffering is imposed on us time and again so that one day we would grow to become a brave wise master. That is, a strong being who is confidently aware of their intended direction in life, and fearlessly adding value to the world and their future.
    (Suzy Kassem)
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    Once you are out of the tunnel, you never look back at the tunnel. You also do not remember how you felt inside the tunnel during the journey. Truth is, once you have an entry into the tunnel, there has to be an exit.
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    In a road we must fetch down and up. In our life journey we have to face pain and happiness. It is the natural law we should not be worried.
    (Life journey)
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    Life is a ride, its in your hand to make it a roller coaster ride or a simple bus ride, the destiny is defined so choose your ride the way you want your journey to be.
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    'I use to be envious of everyone else. They seemed to have the good life, had all the happiness and strived daily for more. Then like a train in the night it hit me, they weren't happier and didn't have more peace than I did, they just concealed their trauma so that nobody seen how badly they were suffering eternally. Whereas, I wore my trauma on my sleeve, struggling to find peace and remain on the healing journey, being closer to Spirit and therefore closer to the true path of Self and eternal happiness.'
    (Jealousy, Envy, Healing from Trauma, Peace, Spiritual Growth, Eternal Happiness.)
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    'I often sit and watch the leaves change colour and fall from the tree. To me, those leaves signify the constant change in our own lives and all the beautiful colours signify our own emotions. As the leaves, change and fall from the tree with such grace and gentleness, they're reminding us to be gentle with ourselves as this chapter ends and the next journey begins in our lives.'
    (Changes, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Journeys, Final Chapters.)
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    'When the Creator places in your life an angel, that guides you through and on your path, giving you knowledge and understanding. Life is about inspiring to be a better being, and all you can be. That's what makes this journey shine its rainbow colours and touch other souls with a dab of paint.'
    (Reaching others, Spiritual Connections, Colours of our Soul.)
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    'Watched the snow fall for most of the night, each flake was glistened by the moonlight, shining with life as it fell from the dark sky. Each flake fell with elegance, and landed on the ground delicately and perfectly in place, like it had a purpose. It was the most beautiful sight. It reminded me of life, that each experience has a purpose, we fall and pick ourselves up to continue our journey and how beautiful and imperfect we truly are.'
    (Journey, Path, Imperfections, Snowflakes, Purpose.)
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    'When times are troubling and confusing, you are not alone. Spirit is there to help you search deep within yourself for the answers you need, so that you may continue on your journey - in peace.'
    (Healing, Spiritual Path, Direction)
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    Be careful who you confess your sins to, they don't have a heaven or hell to put you in, but they might be motivated to expedite your journey. ~ lesson learned from the show 'Scandal'
    (Deborah L. Dalton, #Notes2Myself)
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