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    My mom is my queen and my dad deserves forgiveness.
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    I know how to do anything—I'm a mom.
    (Roseanne Barr Arnold (20th century), U.S. actoress and comedian. The Last Word, ed. Carolyn Warner, ch. 1 (1992).)
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    Do you think someone grants you something for your nice eyes but to tell you take his salutations to your mom! ?
    (Some give you one pound to take ten.)
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    My own brother a goddamn shit-sucking vampire. You wait 'til Mom finds out, buddy.
    (Jeffrey Boam (b. 1949), U.S. screenwriter, and Joel Schumacher. Sam (Corey Haim), The Lost Boys, after his brother reveals he is a vampire (1987).)
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    Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own.
    (Nelson Algren (1909-1981), U.S. author. Quoted in Newsweek (New York, July 2, 1956).)
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    The most important thing in my father's life? World peace. Me and my brother. My mom.
    (Sean Taro Ono Lennon (b. 1975). Interview, January 21, 1988, in Andrew Solt and Sam Egan, Imagine: John Lennon (1988).)
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    Husbands, you can't treat your wife like a maid, and then preach to your children about working their mom like a slave.
    -Phyllis Strong
    (Not being appreciated.)
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    Behold, the pain of mother Earth is aching the heart of man
    How can a man stay numb today in this payback-to-mom game?
    (Taken from my poem written on Earth Day)
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    my banana bread brings all the boys to the yard
    and they're like
    'It's better than moms! ' damn right, it's better than moms.

    i'd teach you
    but i hate that song
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    I really hate when my mom
    wants me to do adult things
    I just want to be a child
    I wish I can live, in an envirnoment
    that's really safe. Free from harm.
    Where i can play, sing, and dance.
    it doesn't make my mom a
    bad person because what she is doing
    It's like a cycle that goes around
    and around.
    Maybe one day I can break the cycle.
    (Talking and observing children)
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