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  • 51.
    Indifference is commonly the mother of discretion.
    (Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694-1773), British statesman, man of letters. letter, Sept. 1749, The French Correspondence of the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, vol. I, p. 65, ed. Rex A. Barrell, trans. James Gray, Ottawa, Borealis Press (1980) I. 65.)
  • 52.
    A husband's mother and his wife had generally better be visitors than inmates.
    (Samuel Richardson (1689-1761), British novelist. First edition, London (1753-1754). Lady D., in Sir Charles Grandison, vol. 2, letter 5, Oxford University Press (1972, repr. 1986).)
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  • 53.
    Language is the mother of thought, not its handmaiden.
    (Karl Kraus (1874-1936), Austrian satirist. first published in Die Fackel, no. 288 (Vienna, October 11, 1909). Quoted in Thomas Szasz, Anti-Freud: Karl Kraus's Criticism of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry, ch. 8 (1976).)
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  • 54.
    I guess a man's best friend is his mother.
    (Vina Delmar, U.S. novelist, playwright. Daniel (Ralph Bellamy), The Awful Truth, after catching Jerry (Cary Grant) and Armand (Alexander D'Arcy) in Lucy's apartment (1937).)
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  • 55.
    Now, as always, the most automated appliance in a household is the mother.
    (Beverly Jones (b. 1927), U.S. feminist writer. "The Dynamics of Marriage and Motherhood," The Florida Paper on Women's Liberation (1970).)
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    Leisure is the mother of Philosophy.
    (Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), British philosopher. Leviathan, pt. 4, ch. 46 (1651).)
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    Ignorance is the mother of devotion.
    (Dean Henry Cole (1500-1580), British prelate. Disputation with the Papists at Westminster (March 31, 1559).)
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  • 58.
    Who's a boy gonna talk to if not his mother?
    (Donald E. Westlake (b. 1933), U.S. screenwriter, and Stephen Frears. Roy Dillon (John Cusack), The Grifters (1990). Based on the novel by Jim Thompson.)
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  • 59.
    Obedience is the mother of success, and success the parent of salvation.
    (Aeschylus (525-456 B.C.), Greek tragedian. The Seven Against Thebes, l. 224.)
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  • 60.
    Caution is the daughter of circumspection, but she tends to outgrow her mother.
    (Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872), Austrian author. Notebooks and Diaries (1808).)
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