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    'Get Your Mind Right'

    'You won't ever find a perfect person. There isn't such a thing. However, you will meet people that will treat you right, do all the right things, and might even be a perfect fit for you. But because your mind is so contorted, you'd probably miss out on the opportunity, simply because, according to you, they still weren't perfect enough'
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    ... you know that God has already saved you not because you prayed a prayer because you are already able to obey His perfect will
    (Regarding an issue about postmodern Evangelicalism.)
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    Because God is infinite, universal, unconditional, perfect Love, all beings are written into The Book of Life.
    (Saiom Shriver)
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    Practise makes you perfect with time.

    By Edward Kofi Louis.
    (Regular training.)
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    'Every pain can't be shareable with everyone, it need a perfect person to understand your soul & heart.'
    (#Life #Pain)
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    Being in the perfect peace of God is like being wrapped in a warm comforter on a cold winter night.

    -Phyllis Strong
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    If everytime you write, you feel or think you are not right and need to be perfect, that will keep you trying forever.
    (By Luis A. Estable)
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    If something gives you pain, try to accept it to be a perfect one.
    (the reality of pain)
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    Quick correction for flaw made; makes a man perfect
    (None is super-perfect but a perfect man is the one cautious of everything he doeth, make quick'n correction in any flaw made.)
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    I'm 22 at University, it's the perfect age to learn and it's the age where you already know enough to learn.
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