Quotations About / On: SAD

  • 31.
    It is possible to be sad to the brink of despair but still keep 'the joy of the Lord within', the hope to the tunnel of light.
    (between the joy and sadness)
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  • 32.
    Life is very sad at times! ! However, there are brighter days as well.
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  • 33.
    'You can call love to you, directly from the original stream of consciousness, anytime you feel sad or alone, and you will feel embraced.'
    (Julia Woodman)
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  • 34.
    If you expect nothing you will never be disappointed and you won't be sad because there was nothing to expect in the first place
    More quotations from: Priscila Rodriguez
  • 35.
    Is penguin happy of his color and his homeland and the crow sad of his black and croak.
    (Joy and sorrow are not in look.)
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  • 36.
    Thankful for sad and happy times. They helped me to be who I am today.
    (Tameeka Smith (2015))
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  • 37.
    A dying swan! With the sad face of life.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
  • 38.
    Persistence is a child's play. The sad part is, this world has only adults.
    (On persistence and hard-work)
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  • 39.
    Sometimes teenagers are good, some are bad, but come on, it is sad to be addicted to internet love.
    (Said for KIK users)
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  • 40.
    I so desperately want to be surprised by life. It's a sad existence to know what shall come.
    (Niealie Petit)
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