Quotations About / On: SILENCE

  • 41.
    Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.
    (Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949), Belgian author. "Silence," The Treasure of the Humble (1896), trans. by Alfred Sutro (1908).)
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  • 42.
    Silence is the best response to mystery.
    (Kathleen Norris (b. 1947), U.S. poet and farmer. Dakota, ch. 3 (1993).)
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  • 43.
    The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread.
    (Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French scientist, philosopher. Pensées, nos. 201, 206, no. 201, ed. Krailsheimer; no. 206, ed. Brunschvicg (1670).)
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  • 44.
    Carlyle: a passionate outpouring of words recommending silence and self-control.
    (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, New York (1984).)
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  • 45.
    After an argument, silence may mean acceptance—or the continuation of resistance by other means.
    (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Twelfth Selection, New York (1993).)
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  • 46.
    Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.
    (George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Anglo-Irish playwright, critic. (1921). Ecrasia, in Back to Methuselah, "As Far as Thought Can Reach," The Bodley Head Bernard Shaw: Collected Plays with their Prefaces, vol. 5, ed. Dan H. Laurence (1972).)
  • 47.
    Silence, indifference and inaction were Hitler's principal allies.
    (Immanuel, Baron Jakobovits (b. 1921), British cleric, Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth. Independent (London, December 5, 1989). On the prosecution of alleged war criminals.)
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  • 48.
    In war personal revenge maintains its silence.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher, classical scholar, critic of culture. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe, vol. 10, p. 196, selection 5[1], number 79, eds. Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, Berlin, de Gruyter (1980). Unpublished fragments dating to November 1882February 1883. Originally meant to be attributed to Zarathustra in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.)
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  • 49.
    You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.
    (John Morley [1st Viscount Morley Of Blackburn] (1838-1923), British writer, Liberal politician. On Compromise, ch. 5 (1874).)
  • 50.
    Silence kills scandal.
    (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Ninth Selection, New York (1992).)
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