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    Not a fear of society but fear of the Lord. In that, a brother is smart and fight according to those statutes. Transcend and conquer all folly.
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    Wisdom doesn't come from being Smart; wisdom comes from knowing that there are other people Smarter than u. Peeping thru essence of your move makes you stronger for the Journey.
    (Wisdom doesn't come from being Smart; wisdom comes from knowing that there are other people Smarter than u. Peeping thru essence of your move makes you stronger for the Journey.)
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    I write fiction and I'm told it's autobiography, I write autobiography and I'm told it's fiction, so since I'm so dim and they're so smart, let them decide what it is or it isn't.
    (Philip Roth (b. 1933), U.S. novelist. "Philip," Deception (1990).)
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    The knocking out of a pipe can be made almost as important as the smoking of it, especially if there are nervous people in the room. A good, smart knock of a pipe against a tin wastebasket and you will have a neurasthenic out of his chair and into the window sash in no time.
    (Robert Benchley (1889-1945), U.S. writer, humorist. No Poems or Around the World Backwards and Sideways, "How I Create," Harper & Brothers (1932).)
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    I wanted to learn to fly, not because it was the smart thing to do in the 1920s, but because I was afraid of anything that flew.... I reasoned that if I learned to fly, I might conquer my fear of it. The remedy worked.
    (Joy Bright Hancock (1898-1986), U.S. naval officer. Lady in the Navy, ch. 3 (1972). In 1925, Hancock's husband of fifteen months had died in a plane crash. Here she was explaining why she became a student pilot in the late 1920s. Later, she would become an officer in the WAVES, the U. S. Navy's women's division.)
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    He seems like an average type of man. He's not, like smart. I'm not trying to rag on him or anything. But he has the same mentality I have—and I'm in the eighth grade.
    (Vanessa Martinez (b. c. 1978), U.S. eighth-grade student. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 17 (June 1, 1992). Commenting on Vice-President Dan Quayle (b. 1947; Vice-President, 1989-1992) after he visited the Bret Harte Middle School in south-central Los Angeles, California. Quayle was often criticized as an unimpressive public speaker and as having mediocre intellectual ability.)
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    If you were born smart you wouldn't need education,
    stop acting like you know it all... for even the intelligent keep seeking knowledge but will never be good enough because no one meant to perfect if we were then we wouldn't find challenges that puzzles us differently.
    (Ernest G Makuakua Poet)
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    Good Things Never Come Easy.
    Sometimes Life is hard to continue.

    We need to work smart and strive hard to success.
    (Effort needed to succeed in life)
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    Experience makes her wise
    Pain makes her strong.
    Betrayal makes her smart.
    Loss makes her appreciative.
    But love just makes her.
    (A woman's love)
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    The Land Of Milk And Honey

    If you want your kids to grow up and be smart
    Don't give them milk and honey
    Give them a rock, seed and a cup of water
    Smash the rock into small pieces
    Pour it into the cup of water, mix it
    Place the seed in it
    That's how you can make your kids grow.
    (I wrote this Sunday, March 08,2015. I was sleeping on a sofa and talking to myself. I don't know where I got the inspiration from. Maybe life. Life without morals.)
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