Quotations About / On: SMART

  • 21.
    Good Things Never Come Easy.
    Sometimes Life is hard to continue.

    We need to work smart and strive hard to success.
    (Effort needed to succeed in life)
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  • 22.
    Experience makes her wise
    Pain makes her strong.
    Betrayal makes her smart.
    Loss makes her appreciative.
    But love just makes her.
    (A woman's love)
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  • 23.
    The Land Of Milk And Honey

    If you want your kids to grow up and be smart
    Don't give them milk and honey
    Give them a rock, seed and a cup of water
    Smash the rock into small pieces
    Pour it into the cup of water, mix it
    Place the seed in it
    That's how you can make your kids grow.
    (I wrote this Sunday, March 08,2015. I was sleeping on a sofa and talking to myself. I don't know where I got the inspiration from. Maybe life. Life without morals.)
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  • 24.
    A good friend on the net,
    We all live within the words,
    We don't feel ourselves beyond the borders,
    Your friend is your idea, and thought,
    The letters t, s that you cross
    And the I, s that you dot,
    The real friend in meat that you really meet,
    Is your smart mind, your kind heart.
    (Moez Ben Meftah)
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