Quotations About / On: STAY

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    'I stayed long enough to be a part'
    (... living in Virginia)
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    It's better to stay quiet than to tell a fool the truth
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    View life with the truth and, stay blessed always.
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    Only he who receives knocks and yet stays up is crowned champion.
    (FC Barcelona's historic treble (6th June 15))
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    Watch what you eat and stay healthier in life.
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    'A secret must be kept in like a your liver stays still.'
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    Stay inside the boundaries of freedom that the grace of God provides.
    (The first part of the fifth from my series of Facebook posts and Tweets under the hashtag 'GraceAndTruth'.)
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    'Sometimes, the best way for one to be found is to stay lost.'
    (Adam M. Snow)
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  • 9.
    There are aphorisms that, like airplanes, stay up only while they are in motion.
    (Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977), Russian-born U.S. novelist, poet. Koncheyev, in The Gift, ch. 1 (1937, trans. 1963).)
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    Makin' a long stay short is a great aid t' popularity.
    (Kin Hubbard (F. [Frank] Mckinney Hubbard) (1868-1930), U.S. humorist, journalist. Abe Martin's Wisecracks, ed. E.V. Lucas (1930).)
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