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  • 41.
    Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.
    (Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Austrian philosopher. Culture and Value, entry for 1934, ed. G.H. von Wright with Heikki Nyman (1980).)
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  • 42.
    Barney McKlennan was a real man. When he kissed you, you stayed kissed.
    (Lamar Trotti (1898-1952), U.S. screenwriter, Sonya Levien, and John Ford. Mrs. McKlennan (Edna May Oliver), Drums Along the Mohawk, response to being kissed by Adam Hartmann (Ward Bond) at a wedding (1939). Based on the novel by Walter D. Edmonds.)
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    It's a tragic irony. The sick stayed well and the healthy became blind.
    (Philip Yordan (b. 1913), U.S. screenwriter, and Steve Sekely. Christine Durrant (Nicole Maurey), Day of the Triffids, discussing the triffids' attack on England, which left their victims blind (1963).)
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  • 44.
    Whoever lives for the sake of combating an enemy has an interest in the enemy's staying alive.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher, classical scholar, critic of culture. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe, vol. 2, p. 326, eds. Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, Berlin, de Gruyter (1980); Human, All-Too-Human, p. 240, trans. by Marion Faber and Stephen Lehmann, Lincoln, Nebraska, University of Nebraska Press (1984). Human, All-Too-Human, "Man Alone With Himself," aphorism 531, "The Enemy's Life," (1878).)
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    "Why don't you finally publish your works?" My friend, in bad weather one had better stay home.
    (Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872), Austrian author. Poems (1859).)
  • 46.
    I don't want to stay on the line. He's going to beat the s— out of me.
    (Nicole Brown Simpson (1957-1994), U.S. ex-wife of football player O.J. Simpson. taped call to 911 in June 1993, a year before she was murdered. O.J. Simpson was accused of the murder; he was found not guilty in October 1995. The 911 call was reprinted in Newsweek, p. 21 (July 4, 1994).)
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    What is truth? said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer.
    (Francis Bacon (1561-1626), British philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Truth," (1597-1625). opening words of essay, alluding to Bible, St. John 18:38.)
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  • 48.
    It makes no odds where a man goes or stays, if he is only about his business.
    (Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), U.S. philosopher, author, naturalist. Letter, February 7, 1855, to Thomas Cholmondeley, in The Writings of Henry David Thoreau, vol. 6, p. 251, Houghton Mifflin (1906).)
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  • 49.
    No one who has any self-respect stays in Ireland, but flees afar as though from a country that has undergone the visitation of an angered Jove.
    (James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish author. From a public lecture delivered at the Universita Popolare, an adult education center in Trieste in 1907. "Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages," The Critical Writings, eds. Richard Ellmann and Ellsworth Mason, Viking (1959).)
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    The shimmering night does not stay for mortals, not misfortunes, nor wealth, but in a moment it is gone, and to the turn of another comes joy and loss.
    (Sophocles (497-406/5 B.C.), Greek tragedian. The Women of Trachis, l. 132.)
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