Quotations About / On: SUCCESS

  • 11.
    Success is the space one occupies in the newspaper. Success is one day's insolence.
    (Elias Canetti (b. 1905), Austrian novelist, philosopher. "1974," The Secret Heart Of The Clock: Notes, Aphorisms, Fragments 1973-1985 (1991).)
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  • 12.
    'Success is sweet but it becomes sweeter when you know the meaning of lose, pain & struggle.'
    (#Success #life)
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  • 13.
    'There is no path which lead you success without crossing thorns.'
    (#Struggle #life)
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  • 14.
    People would rather watch you fall than help you crawl to success...
    (Life mistakes)
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  • 15.
    'Trusting on yourself is the first step towards the success.'
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  • 16.
    'Courage is the price of Success! '
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  • 17.
    Train Until training is irrelevant to your success.
    (Jason Novembre)
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  • 18.
    Success is feeling proud of the magnificent works.
    (From the poem 'Success'.)
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  • 19.
    No little intelligence bears with little success.
    (Abby Bilan)
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  • 20.
    Never give it up in life, keep patience for Patience deeds pays a pinnacle of success.
    (to he or she who give it up easily in life in terms of difficulties.)
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