Quotations About / On: SUN

  • 1.
    The sun never gets tired of rising but sometimes a person gets tired of being under the sun.
    (Simone Schwarz-Bart (b. 1938), Gaudeloupean author. The Bridge of Beyond, p. 166, Éditions du Seuil (1972).)
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    To be together again, after so long, who love the sunny wind, the windy sun, in the sun, in the wind, that is perhaps something, perhaps something.
    (Samuel Beckett (1906-1989), Irish dramatist, novelist. First published in 1953. Sam, in Watt, p. 163, Grove Press (1959).)
  • 3.
    Sun terminating the Dark Chamber, Unaware of it.
    (Manno nichod part-3)
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  • 4.
    Right word expels the invalid one like before noon sun defeats valleys' darkness
    (Right must prevail.)
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    The sun shines brightly with the muse of nature.
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  • 6.
    Be SEEN to be happy: Sun, easy exercise and nature.
    (Happiness, Sun, Exercise, Nature)
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  • 7.
    Now I know why the sun and the moon never appears at the same time- Eclipse.
    (Friends and Foes)
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  • 8.
    The face of the Creator is brighter than the sun.
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  • 9.
    Till there is the Sun, shall not dew parish
    (Hope kills the sorrow)
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  • 10.
    Ribbon sunbeams wrap the present of the Sun's blazing Presence.
    (Saiom Shriver)
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