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  • 31.
    “I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.”
    More quotations from: Khalil Gibran
  • 32.
    being a good teacher doesn't mean you are brilliant, but it only shows how skillful you are to teach the little you understand
    More quotations from: Adelami smart
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    Let someone teach you what you don't know in life; because, we always have teachers and students on earth.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
  • 34.
    Experience is not always the best teacher, but the word of God is. Experience is the best witness.
    (Experience, God, witness)
    More quotations from: Isaac Mendez
  • 35.
    Enemies are teachers, sufferings are gifts and death is our savior. What needed only is the intelligence and capacity to learn.
    More quotations from: Ramakrushna Sahu
  • 36.
    Nature is a teacher! If only if we are ready to learn.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
  • 37.
    Life is a teacher! And, we have to respect the laws.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
  • 38.
    I think we have prophets, preachers, teachers, psalmist and everybody called by God has a specific anointing.
    More quotations from: Dexsta Ray
  • 39.
    The world is full of leaders and followers; teachers and students! With the muse of the two identities on earth.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
  • 40.
    'The whole world is my class-room. God is the teacher and all the genius people of the world are my class-mates'
    More quotations from: Pushkar Bisht
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