Quotations About / On: TOMORROW

  • 21.
    The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
    (Inspire life by doing small things but with GREAT love.)
    More quotations from: Jamie Veloso
  • 22.
    My past died yesterday my present is alive today and my future will be born tomorrow
    (This come to me in a AA group when I was Trying to find a way to say how we live our life)
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  • 23.
    The mistakes of today are the accomplishment of tomorrow.
    (Vlad Mutuleanu)
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  • 24.
    And tomorrows are promised to you and i
    (Remember yesterday it was you and i)
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  • 25.
    If we don't mess up today, we'll have nothing to laugh about tomorrow
    More quotations from: Srimayee Ganguly
  • 26.
    The knowledge of tomorrow is the wisdom of today.
    More quotations from: Okoronkwo Jonathan Jackson
  • 27.
    Some people are lucky, they need not worry about their tomorrow's since they have only today
    (As of 1 April 2015, there were 3,002 inmates on Death Row in the United States. Also, as of 2012, over 159,000 people were serving life sentences.)
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  • 28.
    There is hope for tomorrow.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
  • 29.
    Our dividends tomorrow, depends on our investments today.
    More quotations from: Ifegwu Victor
  • 30.
    Pregnant today, giving birth tomorrow; but, you still don't know what is ahead of you.
    More quotations from: Edward Kofi Louis
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