Quotations About / On: TOMORROW

  • 31.
    Which is better: to have Fun with Fungi or to have Idiocy with Ideology, to have Wars because of Words, to have Tomorrow's Misdeeds out of Yesterday's Miscreeds?
    (Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), British author. "Culture and the Individual," Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary Experience (1931-1963), eds. Horowitz and Palmer (1977).)
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    The past is only the present become invisible and mute; and because it is invisible and mute, its memoried glances and its murmurs are infinitely precious. We are tomorrow's past.
    (Mary Webb (1881-1927), British author. Precious Bane, foreword (1924).)
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    I've no time now, but believe me as surely as the moon will set and the sun will rise I shall kill you tomorrow night. I shall kill you even if you hide in the deepest cave of the earth. At ten o'clock tomorrow night, I shall kill you.
    (R.C. Sherriff (1896-1975), British screenwriter. James Whale. Jack Griffin (Claude Rains), The Invisible Man, informationrming Kemp that he will pay him back for his betrayal (1933). Full name Robert Cedric Sherriff.)
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    Relying on any one disciplinary approach—time-out, negotiation, tough love, the star system—puts the parenting team at risk. Why? Because children adapt to any method very quickly; today's effective technique becomes tomorrow's worn dance.
    (Ron Taffel (20th century), U.S. writer, psychologist. Why Parents Disagree, ch. 7 (1994).)
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    We live life like men at the end of a noose, the rope is the past and the ground is tomorrow. In the end either the rope lets go or we do.
    (life, time)
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    Each day has its own troubles; so, let tomorrow worry for its own self.

    By Edward Kofi Louis.
    (The problems of life.)
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  • 37.
    We like to think of facts as things which are cast in stone, but in reality what we consider to be fact today may not be so tomorrow. Facts are ever changing but the truth remains the same!
    (Lubinda Lubinda)
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    If you get a chance to love, love like there's no tomorrow. Love that if Shakespeare were to come back to life today, he would surely say, 'Behold, this is the Romeo and Juliet I was talking about! '
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    One challenge of life is stretching. We stretch to reach our goals in life, we maintain our relationships, we stretch to improve our grades and we stretch to make tomorrow better, but we never get enough of stretching.
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  • 40.
    Be the candle that lights other's dark,
    Don't be savage for what you possess now,
    They're today your's,
    Tomorrows are always hidden. gestures,
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