Quotations About / On: TOMORROW

  • 31.
    Put yesterday to bed, live today and don't worry bout tomorrow as you will also put it to bed.
    (Live free)
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  • 32.
    The history of the world is replete with good and odd experiences but tomorrow is full of mistakes.
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  • 33.
    Feeling shy, after the first fall; but, there is hope for tomorrow and, you will pass the second time around.
    (Never give up on your dreams.)
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  • 34.
    You are now feeling very shy! Failing for the first time; but, there is hope in life for tomorrow.
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  • 35.
    Yesterday is a bird in the cage, and tomorrow is a bird in the skies; seize the moment.
    (Walterrean Salley July 8,2015)
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  • 36.
    There is always tomorrow! ! ! But, we still have unfinished business at hand.
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  • 37.
    To owe today is to pay tomorrow; but, your own work is still hanging on the wall.
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  • 38.
    Whatever you do today, determines your tomorrow..never indulge in worhtless things..try to do what will add to your progress in life
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  • 39.
    Patriotism is legalized government murder, only sly agendas differ, allies today enemies tomorrow, unseen hands roll the dice.
    (Terence George Craddock April 12 2015)
  • 40.
    We ought to know the cause of today's bitterness less we be in darkness of tomorrow's sweetness!
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