Quotations About / On: YESTERDAY

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    Judicial judgment must take deep account ... of the day before yesterday in order that yesterday may not paralyze today.
    (Felix Frankfurter (1882-1965), U.S. associate justice of the Supreme Court. Quoted in National Observer (Silver Spring, Maryland, March 1, 1965).)
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    Our "Age of Anxiety" is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's tools—with yesterday's concepts.
    (Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), Canadian communications and media theorist, and Quentin Fiore. The Medium Is the Massage, Random House (1967).)
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    It matters not who you were yesterday, yesteryear, or the last moment. What matters most, is that you like who you're becoming from this moment on. If you knew better yesterday, you would've done better yesterday. So as long as you're committed to daily awareness for joy and self improvement, all who meet you, will be getting the best of yourself.
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    Today is a picture of tomorrow taken yesterday.
    (Manuel Ortega Abis)
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    Our human life today is yesterday dreams
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    Today is yesterday dreams.
    (Innovations and inventions.)
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    Because I can't stand these dark, spend yesterday these misguiding mislead to be incurred.
    (Ronjoy Brahma)
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    You lost your job, sober little - some were wives yesterday, mothers this morning.
    (A Traveller)
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    Pictures of yesterday are the pictures of the past.
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    My past died yesterday my present is alive today and my future will be born tomorrow
    (This come to me in a AA group when I was Trying to find a way to say how we live our life)
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