R.L. Ohlhausen

Rookie (28 June 1970 / USA)

R.L. Ohlhausen Poems

1. Traitor 1/31/2009
2. Under 1/31/2009
3. Vent 10/7/2009
4. On The Other Side 2/1/2009
5. Death To Flowers 2/1/2009
6. Chasing Horizon 2/1/2009
7. The One Red Flag 10/6/2009
8. Drink My Sin 1/31/2009
9. Breathe 1/31/2009
10. Flow 1/31/2009
11. Spider's Tongue 1/31/2009
12. Rise 1/31/2009
13. Song Of A Shallow Dream 1/31/2009
14. Sunrise Child 1/31/2009
15. These Days 1/31/2009
16. A Poem Of My Death 1/31/2009
17. Dance Of The Bohemian Priestess 2/1/2009
18. All My Brothers 2/1/2009
19. Birth Of Peace 2/1/2009
20. The Untoong 2/1/2009
21. Edge Of The Dream: Becoming The Creator 2/1/2009
22. Rewind 10/24/2009
23. God 1/31/2009
24. Envy The Common Man 2/1/2009
25. Lost In Thought 1/31/2009
26. Blue Faerie Moon 1/31/2009
27. Beautiful Destruction 1/31/2009
28. Poets Are Losers 1/31/2009
Best Poem of R.L. Ohlhausen

Poets Are Losers

The art of the word yields little fruit when it's first conceived;
It must take root and grow in passionate minds if ever to be received.
A craft much learned of sadness from this world we’re in,
As we suffer right along until our solemn end.

Heroes of a future day but rarely of our own.
Most to be remembered only by ink and bone.
Our souls fulfilled when our words echo from the page.
And so we are merely losers until another Age.


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A Poem Of My Death

Mouths do honor these lips grown cold, fall
On the deaf the words not told.
While among living, dare none so bold,
Broken hearts, no silence said.
O’ Wait to share, now that I am dead.

Stale breath fades and soul does mend, where
Peace has beginning, and pain an end.
Slumber wakens to become my friend.

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