Raj Arumugam

Raj Arumugam Poems

361. I Am The Outsider 4/6/2012
362. I Am Yun Du-Seo 3/13/2010
363. I Bring You Myself As I Am 7/14/2009
364. I Can Spill. Can You Spill? 2/3/2012
365. I Can'T Stand Bad Days 2/25/2012
366. I Defy Humility 6/24/2014
367. I Depress You, Don'T I? 11/6/2008
368. I Don’t Understand Mom And Dad 1/10/2012
369. I Hate My Girl 1/26/2012
370. I Have Come To Lie Down On The Grass 4/8/2009
371. I Love To Sleep (Adults Only) 8/3/2009
372. I Sat By The Lake 3/16/2012
373. I Saw My Love Only Once 7/7/2010
374. I See You Moon 5/11/2010
375. I Shall Go Now Without Much Ado 7/17/2009
376. I Submitted A Poem 10/19/2009
377. I Understand Now 11/7/2008
378. I Walk Alone Now 3/11/2012
379. I, Sarah Malcolm 1/2/2012
380. I’ll Get Healthy Food Today 4/20/2010
381. I’m So Proud Of My Murali Boy 1/9/2012
382. I’ve Stopped Writing 4/16/2010
383. I'D Not Sing If I Were The King 1/29/2012
384. Ideas - A Short History 3/19/2012
385. Idiot Aliens 6/30/2013
386. If You Meet Some Form Of Meat 2/5/2010
387. Ignorance 11/25/2008
388. I'M A Stamp 9/18/2011
389. Immortal Beloved 4/8/2009
390. In Bed 4/10/2010
391. In Communion 6/18/2016
392. In More Desert 11/7/2008
393. In My Lodge In The Woods 2/21/2012
394. In My Secluded House Near A Valley In Mt Inwangsan 3/18/2012
395. In Praise Of The Moon 5/17/2010
396. In Remote Valleys And Hills 4/29/2010
397. In That Moment: A Meditation 11/7/2008
398. In The Absence Of Your Rays 4/30/2010
399. In The Fish Market Of Religions 1/27/2012
400. In The Quiet Of The Night 6/30/2009
Best Poem of Raj Arumugam

2-Min Iq Test

this popup
jumps up on me
most unexpectedly
with a BOO! and a Hee! Hee! Hee!
(which is what, I guess,
popups do best)

you see,
all I’m doing is minding my own business
punching keys on my keyboard
(which is what idiots like me do best)
and this popup
shows up and says:
Hey bald and sexy –
point that mouse at me and click!
Come, let me show you how low
your IQ really is!

Oh, please - popup,
don’t pop up on me
cos I’ve got a weak heart
and I may just go POOOP!
like a bubble
just like that; ...

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The True Owners

Who owns this vast surprising space?
Who is the owner of this land?
Is it me? Or is it you?
Or is it them?
Who owns this continent?
Who owns whom here
and who drives whom?
Who determined what happened before?
Who determines what happens next?

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