Raj Arumugam

Raj Arumugam Poems

41. A Quiet Walk 10/16/2009
42. A Sci-Fi Love Story 1/24/2012
43. A Snail Goes To Heaven (A One-Act Tragicomedy) 11/10/2011
44. A Solitary Traveler 3/11/2012
45. A Strange Night 6/2/2009
46. A Stretch Of Misunderstanding -new- 9/21/2016
47. A Subversive Poem 10/30/2011
48. A Thought Passes In The Mind 7/27/2009
49. A Thousand Miles 12/25/2008
50. A Useless Poem 10/23/2009
51. A Walk Down Slaughter Falls 11/6/2008
52. A Walk In The Forest 6/24/2010
53. A Walk Over The Valleys 7/4/2016
54. A Wife For Life 1/29/2012
55. A Winter Morning At Park Road 6/7/2009
56. A Writer's Curse 4/14/2011
57. A Yawn Of Subdued Lives 5/7/2009
58. Abandon Sense, Go Senseless 9/17/2011
59. About Nine Crows 5/27/2009
60. About Poetry And All Of Us Running Around 8/19/2009
61. About The Rabbit And The Hawk (An Anti-Joke) 3/9/2012
62. Absolute Nonsense Song 3/4/2010
63. Acceptance 11/6/2008
64. Actor Poem 4/2/2012
65. Admin Work 1/3/2009
66. Adults Only 9/26/2009
67. After The Worst Rains In Decades 5/21/2009
68. Ah Poor Moon 5/13/2010
69. Ah, Happy Crow 5/8/2009
70. All Daffodils Have Upload Possibilities 7/3/2016
71. All Day It Rains 5/19/2009
72. All News Poems 9/23/2011
73. All Who Speak Of God 5/18/2009
74. All Words Are A Burden 3/6/2012
75. Always Fools 12/2/2008
76. Always Wanted To Write 7/14/2016
77. Ambidextrous 2/27/2012
78. Amy's Crayon 6/25/2014
79. An Abc Of Inner Peace 11/9/2008
80. An Antimologist's View Of The Word Pharaoh 11/21/2011
Best Poem of Raj Arumugam

2-Min Iq Test

this popup
jumps up on me
most unexpectedly
with a BOO! and a Hee! Hee! Hee!
(which is what, I guess,
popups do best)

you see,
all I’m doing is minding my own business
punching keys on my keyboard
(which is what idiots like me do best)
and this popup
shows up and says:
Hey bald and sexy –
point that mouse at me and click!
Come, let me show you how low
your IQ really is!

Oh, please - popup,
don’t pop up on me
cos I’ve got a weak heart
and I may just go POOOP!
like a bubble
just like that; ...

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The True Owners

Who owns this vast surprising space?
Who is the owner of this land?
Is it me? Or is it you?
Or is it them?
Who owns this continent?
Who owns whom here
and who drives whom?
Who determined what happened before?
Who determines what happens next?

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