Raj Arumugam

Raj Arumugam Poems

81. Anarchy Of Time 12/16/2008
82. Ancient Asian Prediction For 2012 12/30/2011
83. Ancient Eyes 5/11/2009
84. And 4/29/2012
85. And For You, My Dear, Lilies And Roses 7/12/2009
86. And In Life And In Death One Sees What One Wants To See… 5/7/2009
87. And It All Disappears, Does It Not? 3/29/2010
88. And So The World Operates 5/12/2009
89. And Then You Are Dead 8/29/2009
90. Animal Reality 3/10/2012
91. Another Day Has Passed, Time Passes 1/9/2009
92. Anthem Of The Mundane That Seeks All To Be So 6/26/2009
93. Are You Not Done Yet With These People? 11/7/2008
94. Artist Taking A Rest After Reading Books 11/23/2011
95. As The Sun Sets 4/2/2009
96. Ask No Questions 9/18/2011
97. At Dusk, With The Gentle Sun 10/22/2009
98. At The Office Tea Corner 1/27/2012
99. At Work, And At Dreams 2/21/2012
100. Attempting To Cross The Road 11/7/2008
101. Autumn Rains 4/11/2009
102. Autumn's Here 11/6/2008
103. Avocado Boat 8/11/2010
104. Away From Home 11/21/2008
105. Bad Boy Nimko And Bad Girl Akako 12/24/2012
106. Bad Hate Poem 1/3/2012
107. Bad Love Poem 1/3/2012
108. Barriers 12/13/2008
109. Be A Good Child 5/17/2009
110. Be You Makers Of Beauty 3/29/2011
111. Beautiful Twice 7/6/2013
112. Beauty Looking Back 12/24/2012
113. Bee Poem 4/1/2012
114. Big Shopping Day! 12/23/2012
115. Bird In The Bamboo Grove 2/5/2010
116. Birds And Fanatics 5/26/2009
117. Bite In The Poetry 4/26/2009
118. Body Parts, Diogenes 3/24/2012
119. Born A Child-Ghost 1/8/2012
120. Boy On Mount Fuji 2/15/2012
Best Poem of Raj Arumugam

2-Min Iq Test

this popup
jumps up on me
most unexpectedly
with a BOO! and a Hee! Hee! Hee!
(which is what, I guess,
popups do best)

you see,
all I’m doing is minding my own business
punching keys on my keyboard
(which is what idiots like me do best)
and this popup
shows up and says:
Hey bald and sexy –
point that mouse at me and click!
Come, let me show you how low
your IQ really is!

Oh, please - popup,
don’t pop up on me
cos I’ve got a weak heart
and I may just go POOOP!
like a bubble
just like that; ...

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The True Owners

Who owns this vast surprising space?
Who is the owner of this land?
Is it me? Or is it you?
Or is it them?
Who owns this continent?
Who owns whom here
and who drives whom?
Who determined what happened before?
Who determines what happens next?

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