Raj Arumugam

Raj Arumugam Poems

1121. Women Picking Edible Plants 3/11/2010
1122. Wonder About This Stranger 11/7/2008
1123. Word Of God 9/18/2011
1124. Words On Dusty Surfaces 1/11/2009
1125. Working Again 11/7/2008
1126. Worth Of Our Words 11/30/2008
1127. Would You Lend Some Money To Nasrudin...? 9/7/2011
1128. Writing About Nothing 11/3/2011
1129. Writing Comments: A Tragi-Comic History 4/22/2010
1130. Writing Liberally 12/23/2008
1131. Writing Under The Pine Trees, Wang Meng 12/24/2012
1132. Xanthippe Gives Socrates A Piece Of Her Mind 3/21/2010
1133. Y: Sillyverse 3 11/13/2016
1134. Yasala Bird 6/21/2012
1135. Yeah! - We Win! 12/17/2011
1136. Yeah, I'Ve Got Friends Now 2/18/2012
1137. Yes, I Know I’m A Bad Boy 7/17/2009
1138. You Are Gone 4/22/2009
1139. You Are There Moon 5/23/2010
1140. You Can Get Hurt In A Bar 3/10/2012
1141. You Haiku, Baby? 7/7/2009
1142. You See It All As It Is 6/26/2009
1143. You Sent Me Away 11/7/2008
1144. You Talk Fast 11/7/2008
1145. You Witness My Dying 5/23/2010
1146. Young Beauty Crossing A Bridge After Snow 12/22/2011
1147. Young Love 11/9/2008
1148. Your Local Silly Ghost 8/6/2009
1149. You'Ve Got The Wrong Man 11/7/2008
1150. Z Poem 4/7/2012
Best Poem of Raj Arumugam

2-Min Iq Test

this popup
jumps up on me
most unexpectedly
with a BOO! and a Hee! Hee! Hee!
(which is what, I guess,
popups do best)

you see,
all I’m doing is minding my own business
punching keys on my keyboard
(which is what idiots like me do best)
and this popup
shows up and says:
Hey bald and sexy –
point that mouse at me and click!
Come, let me show you how low
your IQ really is!

Oh, please - popup,
don’t pop up on me
cos I’ve got a weak heart
and I may just go POOOP!
like a bubble
just like that; ...

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The Table

Beware, the rectangular slab
squares you.

The table is a prison

to take you through
interminable years
hew at rocks, polish the chains,
stare at white walls till

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