Treasure Island

Raj Arumugam

Poems of Raj Arumugam

1021. when my love calls 10/20/2011
1022. when the sun kissed your face 5/21/2009
1023. when you become irreplaceable 3/7/2012
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1025. Where's the dignity in all this? 11/7/2008
1026. which is the dreamer? 5/31/2009
1027. whinger 6/24/2014
1028. Who Are You Seeing? 1/26/2012
1029. who shall comfort you 3/14/2012
1030. who’s this dead? 4/25/2010
1031. why God is not the answer 12/31/2008
1032. why people do not write haikus 4/4/2009
1033. why people write haikus 4/4/2009
1034. why poetry 11/10/2008
1035. why the sunset comes 3/12/2010
1036. why we kill Socrates 12/26/2011
1037. Wild Cat, Domesticated Cat and Sparrows 3/13/2010
1038. will this love be pastoral 6/4/2010
1039. willing to die 8/23/2009
1040. Willow, radiant willow 3/5/2010

Quiet Man Drained

It is two a.m. and I wake to the cold
and the silence and the anonymous darkness.
The mind
I am not the thinker
moves from in between states to full awareness
and it grips at my pits so. What is this feeling?
What is this pain and emptiness? It churns the entrails
and takes waves to hit hard against the cave of the head
and the creature living inside has to take all the pain.

[Hata Bildir]