Treasure Island

Ramesh T A

(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Poems of Ramesh T A

381. A Dream of Tsunami! 9/6/2011
382. A DREAM OF WATER MOON! 10/10/2009
383. A Dream or Reality? 12/18/2011
384. A Dream or Relity? 10/6/2012
385. A Dream Romantic Life Is! 3/23/2012
386. A DREAM THRONE 6/7/2009
387. A Dream To Come True! 1/23/2012
388. A DREAM TO DIVINE-HOOD! 1/27/2010
389. A DREAM TO REALITY! 8/18/2009
390. A Dream to Recoup! 11/13/2011
391. A DREAM WILL COME TRUE! 12/16/2009
392. A Dream World! 7/7/2009
393. A Drink Is Nowhere! 8/10/2009
394. A DRINK OR SMOKE? 8/24/2009
395. A Drizzle of Rain! 7/29/2011
396. A Drunkard's Talk! 9/13/2009
397. A Dust Precious! 2/3/2012
398. A Duty of Nature! 9/8/2009
399. A DYING AND LIVING LIFE! 6/25/2009
400. A Fact of Reality! 1/4/2012


Too much grief due to communal conditions,
Too much anger due to nonsensical notions,
Too much rigid restrictions due to obligations
Make one a poet at last to pour emotion in poems!

At such a time and mood can there be any form
Being followed according to regular poetic models
Usually known to all including both poets and critics
Who can comment and criticize according to fashion?

[Hata Bildir]