Ramesh T A

Gold Star - 26,587 Points (28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Ramesh T A Poems

121. A Blissful Thought Of Heaven! 10/6/2009
122. A Blow Cold And Hot! 12/7/2011
123. A Blowing Of Conch! 10/23/2009
124. A Blue Diamond! 9/11/2009
125. A Blue God! 6/11/2009
126. A Blue Love! 5/23/2009
127. A Blue Moon! 8/1/2015
128. A Blue Rose! 8/3/2010
129. A Blue Sky For Relief! 12/14/2011
130. A Blue Water World! 4/16/2012
131. A Blunder Website! 11/12/2009
132. A Blush Of High Passion! 12/16/2014
133. A Blush Of Winter! 11/9/2011
134. A Bond And Beatles! 8/26/2009
135. A Bond Forever! 11/10/2012
136. A Bondage Of Love! 11/30/2009
137. A Book Of My Dream! 1/5/2010
138. A Book Time Machine! 11/1/2015
139. A Boon Nature Is For Man! 10/28/2009
140. A Boon Of Freedom! 3/10/2010
141. A Boon Of Men! 10/23/2009
142. A Boon To Boost! 7/4/2011
143. A Boon Website! 10/28/2011
144. A Boon! 10/27/2009
145. A Boosting Effect Of Festival! 10/18/2009
146. A Bore 12/21/2011
147. A Boredom In Life! 9/13/2009
148. A Born Poet Is Real! 6/21/2009
149. A Bottom 500! 7/25/2009
150. A Bouncing Calamity Colossus! 10/7/2009
151. A Bouquet And Brick Bat! 8/25/2009
152. A Bouquet And Brickbat Nature Is! 3/4/2010
153. A Bouquet Of Cactus! 4/4/2012
154. A Bovine Life! 12/23/2009
155. A Brewing Storm! 11/13/2015
156. A Brief Life Only For The Loving Souls! 7/24/2009
157. A Brief Mystical Note! 9/7/2009
158. A Brief Non-Violence Message! 10/2/2009
159. A Brief Note On Marriage! 9/15/2009
160. A Brief Note On Meltdown Of Love! 8/29/2009
Best Poem of Ramesh T A

Songs Of The Singing Bird!

The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!
All the life songs of the bird about
Nature and culture are literature now!

Knowledge and experience give wisdom
That gives a system of life to live;
This is called human culture.
For all, the beginning and the end
Are in Nature only and so it is
The friend, philosopher and guide
Not only to poets, scientists and artists
But also to the whole of mankind.

From first melody to last funeral song
All songs say only about ...

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A Great Human Heart!

Without the sense of feeling is it
possible to understand human heart?
The feelings of heart, human beings
express by joy or sorrow in life
Only with the sense of feeling, however high
one may be by intelligence or wealth;
Hence, the feelings of human heart are indeed
the highest force that rules the human world!

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