Raymond Uyok

Raymond Uyok Poems

1. To An Insatiable Lover 10/3/2011
2. An Encounter With A Monument 10/5/2011
3. Epitaph 10/5/2011
4. Rondeaux On Man 10/5/2011
5. The Weeping Genius 10/5/2011
6. The Black Scroll 10/5/2011
7. The Labyrinth 10/5/2011
8. Hanging On The Fringe 10/10/2011
9. Simon Of Cyrene (Unauthorised Version) 10/17/2011
10. Peeping Through The Window 10/19/2011
11. The Kite And Its Food (A Myth) 10/19/2011
12. Silence 10/31/2011
13. Nocturnal Screams 10/31/2011
14. Miniature 10/31/2011
15. Fire Flies (Acrostic) 10/31/2011
16. The Walrus 10/31/2011
17. Shadows 11/4/2011
18. Serenade Sung In A Dark Hour 10/31/2011
Best Poem of Raymond Uyok

Serenade Sung In A Dark Hour

'Do not wonder who at your window knocked
This dark hour, thy parents soaked in sleep;
Though this same act once got a priest disfrocked;
I'm not daunted 'cause this love is deep, so deep;
Open this window and let me in there;
For nothing means much more than you tonight
To me; for I'm standing here on feet bare;
Let me in, for such will be my delight'

'Don't ponder how I leapt across the wall,
For if I had the chance, into your heart
Would I leap; though my fall woke almost all
The guards who only thought 'twas a cat;
The cat of the drunkard ...

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The Black Scroll

In the shadows
of the night,
the vampire bats flew
to a colossal height,
Over the darkest deep
To meet him, their master
as he waits
with his sanguinary skull

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