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Biography of Rebecca Kate Summers

Born in 1990, England native Rebecca Kate Summers is a great lover and hoarder of books. Her love of the literary world began at the tender age of four, when, as a ridiculously serious child, she wrote her first ‘story’ about a dancing tree, complete with a bittersweet ending as a lament for the loss of fairy tale magic.

No doubt borne from family holidays in both Scotland and Cornwall from a very young age, her fascination with the ancient legends of Britain has grown into something of an obsession, and so ventures into the realms of fantasy fiction are familiar territory, so much so that she often requests to be “given back to the faeries, if found wandering”.

She has won minor awards in her local area of the North East of England. Mostly poetry competitions, the most prominent included a short story competition in 1999 and a poetry contest in 2002. She has two poetry compilations published via Amazon Kindle, Secrets of the Faerie Realm, and most recently, A Glitch in Rhyme. A few of her poems have also featured in the American magazine, Fae Nation.

RK Summers has author pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and has appeared on the author website Authonomy since 2011, introduced by Harper Collins for new authors to be noticed. Since joining the website, her writing and genre choice has been compared to that of Mark Lawrence, Robin Hobb, or Jim Butcher, although she lists her biggest influences as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Tad Williams.

Rebecca Kate Summers's Works:

Secrets of the Faerie Realm,2010
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A Glitch in Rhyme,2012
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Absinthe pt 3: Requiem

A faded amaranth on corrupted design,
Begging for memory of shady decline,
The poet and riddler rise from the east,
Twisting in cobweb a decadent priest,
Pegasus saviour, a call from the dark,
Heart of a wolf bears a crystalline mark,
Bridge to the hollow, a spherical dawn,
Wielding Excalibur the terrible pawn,
In soul ravaged grief, a dangerous mind,

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