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my name is Jessica but I go by Renee I'm 16 years old and I currently live in Texas but have also live in Costa Rica for part of my life I live with my father, my mother lives in another country (currently unknown) I have just recently started writing poems and love it it helps me to release my aggressions and worries. Updates

Where Were You?

Why didn't you here my first word?
Why didn't you see my first step?
When I finaly rode my first big girl bike and looked around for encouragement I knew I wouldn't see you.
When I finaly read my first real book you weren't there to pat me on the back.
Where were you when I got my first report card with all A's?
Where were you on my first day of hight school?
Were were you on my first prom night?
Why weren't you at my graduation?
Why couldn't you make it to my wedding?

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