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Biography of renu Vig sharma sharma

Renu Vig is from Mumbai. She passed her masters in law from Mumbai university She is married.She loves writing poetry and would love to hear comments from the viewers She has read many poems written by Rabindranath Tagore and inspired by his poems on nature and emotions, love. She likes his poem' mega aaye tapur tapur'., Updates

A Family

</></>If you have a child in your lap,
young moms would visit with kids to make them play around,
if you have a toddler,
many toddler will come and make your house upside down
if you have a teenage boy or girl,
young crowd willl throng your house with lots of noise,
if you have a married daughter in law in your familty,
young married ladies will get together to gossip and have fun,
if you have a oldies in your house,

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