Res John Burman

Rookie - 77 Points (27th October 1942 to 'Not Yet! ' / London, Middlesex, England)

Biography of Res John Burman

Res John Burman poet

Old Soldier, Traveller, Herdsman, Cow-lifter, Builder, Forester, Carpenter, Cabinetmaker, Woodturner, War Pensioner, Father, Taoist, Photographer, Poet, Lover. Updates

To Samarkand

(Written in answer to 'The Librarian requests your attention.' by Mlle Omnisciente.)

Ah. To Samarkand with Flecker, or Cathay with old Marco,
Or Round the Horn with good Zeng He, so many years ago.
And when I was a soldier, out there in the mire,
We fought FOR running women and to save their homes from fire.

I'm written through with saga's and tales of misspent youth,
And sufferings, wars and glories, and that old search for the truth!

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