Rex mayor Ubini

Rookie - 123 Points [Mayor] (March 8th,1984. / Nigeria.)

Biography of Rex mayor Ubini

Ubini T. Rex, aka Rex Mayor born March 8,1984, into the Enapie family of Opute Kingdom (Ozoro) in Isoko North L.G.A. He is the first male child of his parents. Growing up as a child, he fell in love with art and science. And the duo wages war within him on which will have dominion. At the age of 10, Rex had made a small electrical ship that moves on water. At 12 years old, he made a projector that projects motion images (film) on a white surface. His parents thought, he was making toys, they never took the time to oberve this young talented engineer. He later, made a home use armplifier with electronic chips he fixed on a circuit. At the age of 15, Rex had made a 100 meter audio signal transmitter. His parents thought he was going to end up as street electronics repairer because they thought this creative power would distract him from studies, and so they stopped him.

Rex has so much love for music while he was growing up, and he started composing music at a tender age, and at 17, he was seen as a talented rap artiste. According to Nyka his friend, he said, 'when Rex Mayor was rapping some of these rappers like Eriga, was still walking about with panties'. He recorded his first song at the age of 20 and had dream to become a musician which led him into studying theatre art and mass communication. Though, his dream of releasing an album is still undecided because he do not wish to be known in the music industry, being that he perceived ungodliness in the industry. Yet, he is a very good rap artiste whose lyrics are poetically written. Some of his songs are uploaded on hulkshare website.

Rex-mayor Ubini attempted to release his first album in 2007, but the sound engineers could not give him a good mixing and mastering. He decided to delve into the art of mixing and mastering and today, he has trained some people on how to mix and master audio tracks. He has a commercial audio studio named 'MATRIX STUDIO'

While in school he discovered he is also talented in creative writing. At 21, He wrote his first play titled__ UNDER THE SUN__ (unpublished) . He was seen by his lecturer as the next Wole Soyinka, that was a report his father received on his visit to the University of Benin. Hence, he fell in love with poetic use of words and he had since been writing poems. According to him, his poetry career began to grow at his contact with Dr. Maya Angelou's works. A Black American had this comment about Rex: 'As the tradition of classic griots, Rex-mayor Ubini has a poetic voice which understands the past and speaks to the needs of the future.' He is a spoken word artiste and an aspiring lawyer.

Rex Mayor Ubini has written scripted stories (plays) , some were shot recently and soon would be available in Nolly Wood Industry. He has been working on a serial epic story, and it is mind blowing. As an author, he has been referred to as a 'Suspense Creator' because the suspense he creates in his plays, novels and movie stories(plays) , are mind blowing. He often attempt to present a suspense before characters as a suspense before the audience and vice-vis er, by so doing he makes the audience, indirect part of the characters.

And on top of his biography, Rex MAyor Ubini is the head of AsaPlaNet Organisation. This truth he never wanted to let out due to the fact that a prophet is not recognised in his own land. He wanted to disclose this truth when the organisation has fully developed. So he tried take his audience eyes away from him by making them believe AsaPlanet was founded by his friend who lives in Ireland, who is also a member of the organisation. But Kudos to a great man Blessed Mudia Adje, who gave him reasons why he has to let the general public know who he is. Updates

Set Me Free

I know why you kept me
Right in this beautiful cage
Not because you love me
As you daily do proclaim
But because you envy
How beautiful am made
If you surely love me
You will set me free
And smile when I leap

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