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Rex mayor Ubini

[Mayor] (March 8th,1984. / Nigeria.)

Biography of Rex mayor Ubini

Rex Mayor Ubini was born on March 8th,1984) . A Nigerian poet, author and a screen writer. In the tradition of classic griots, Rex-mayor Ubini has a poetic voice which understands the past and speaks to the needs of the future. He is a spoken word artiste, studied theatre art (performing art) and Law. He is a legal practitioner.
As an author, he has been referred to as a 'suspense master' because the suspense he creates in his plays, novels and movie stories, are mind blowing. He often attempt to present a suspense before characters as a suspense before the audience and vice-vis er, by so doing he makes the audience, indirect casts of his stories.
He is an underground rap artiste. Though, his dream of releasing an album is still undecided because he doesn't wish to be known in the music industry. Yet, he is a very good rap artiste whose lyrics are poetically written.
Rex-mayor Ubini is a sound engineer in the area of audio mixing and mastering.

Rex mayor Ubini's Works:

Eclipse Of Fate, Star-Crossed Updates

Wedlock With Loneliness

How long, how long,
Shall last this cold wedlock with loneliness,
Who daily caresses you with smoky hands
That dares to freeze you,
And of love it dares to bereaves you.

Oh no, oh no,
you have crouch too long,
In the bruising huts of your past,

[Hata Bildir]