Richard Howardson

Biography of Richard Howardson

Richard Howardson poet

Richard Howardson was born in Jammu, India.

From childhood, Richie was popular for his charismatic and notorious nature. A passionate person who is very good in talking and creating problems!

In his own words, Richard Howardson is a person who believes in his own theories and follows his own principles. Very anxious, unstable and complex. The greatest quality of Richie then and now is that he wants to learn anything and everything which fascinates him. And of course, he is a good learner.

Richard Howardson's Works:

Love is All. Updates

In The Dark

This is not i wanted,
this is not i asked for,
this is not i desired,
this is not i dreamt of.

It's so different, it's so strange.............

I don't know what's going on,
don't know why it is so.

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