Richard Le Gallienne

(1866-1947 / England)

Richard Le Gallienne Poems

41. Art 4/14/2010
42. As In The Woodland I Walk 4/14/2010
43. At Her Feet 4/14/2010
44. At Last I Got A Letter From The Dead 4/14/2010
45. At The Sign Of The Lyre 4/14/2010
46. August Moonlight 4/14/2010
47. Autumn 4/14/2010
48. Autumn Treasure 4/14/2010
49. Ballad Of The Seven O'Clock Whistle 4/14/2010
50. Ballade Of Love's Cloister 4/14/2010
51. Ballade Of Reading Bad Books 4/14/2010
52. Ballade Of Running Away With Life 4/14/2010
53. Ballade Of The Absent Guest 4/14/2010
54. Ballade Of The Bees Of Trebizond 4/14/2010
55. Ballade Of The Dead Face That Never Dies 4/14/2010
56. Ballade Of The Making Of Songs 4/14/2010
57. Ballade Of The Oldest Duel In The World 4/14/2010
58. Ballade Of The Paid Puritan 4/14/2010
59. Ballade Of The Unchanged Beloved 4/14/2010
60. Ballade Of Woman 4/14/2010
61. Ballade To A Departing God 4/14/2010
62. Beatrice 4/14/2010
63. Beauty Accurst 4/14/2010
64. Beauty's Wardrobe 4/14/2010
65. Blue Flower 4/14/2010
66. Broken Tryst 4/14/2010
67. Buried Treasure 4/14/2010
68. Canst Thou Be True? 4/14/2010
69. Chipmunk 4/14/2010
70. Christmas In War-Time 4/14/2010
71. Come, My Celia 4/14/2010
72. Comfort At Parting 4/14/2010
73. Comfort Of Dante 4/14/2010
74. Cor Cordium 4/14/2010
75. Country Largesse 4/14/2010
76. Death In A London Lodging 4/14/2010
77. Desiderium 4/14/2010
78. Evening Song 4/14/2010
79. Face In The Tomb That Lies So Still 4/14/2010
80. Faery Gold 4/14/2010
Best Poem of Richard Le Gallienne

Soldier Going To The War

Soldier going to the war--
Will you take my heart with you,
So that I may share a little
In the famous things you do?

Soldier going to the war--
If in battle you must fall,
Will you, among all the faces,
See my face the last of all?

Soldier coming from the war--
Who shall bind your sunburnt brow
With the laurel of the hero,
Soldier, soldier--vow for vow!

Soldier coming from the war--
When the street is one wide sea,
Flags and streaming eyes and glory--
Soldier, will you look for me?

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I Know Not In What Place

I know not in what place again I'll meet
The face I love-but there is not a street
In the wide world where you can wander, sweet,
Without my finding you, with those great eyes;
Nor is there any star in all the skies
Can give you shelter from my pitiless love.

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