Richard Stopps

Richard Stopps Poems

1. Vale 'Ben' 5/1/2009
2. Winter Love 5/1/2009
3. Human Henge - An Analemmatic Sundial 5/1/2009
4. Spring & Summer 5/1/2009
5. Vale Ruben 5/1/2009
6. Change 5/1/2009
7. Melancholy 5/1/2009
8. Self Obituary? 5/2/2009
9. Witch's End 5/2/2009
10. Haiku 5/2/2009
11. On I Love You 10/8/2014
12. Rose 10/23/2014
13. Eulogy 4/30/2009
14. From Kennel Or Hearth? 4/30/2009
15. Lad O'Galloway Eulogy 4/30/2009
16. Ch. Silmaril's Ted E Bear 4/30/2009
17. A Lesson Not Learned 4/30/2009
18. Of Dogs 4/30/2009
19. Scent Of Dogs & Scent Of Man 4/30/2009
20. My Life Ever Changed By Dogs! ! ! 5/1/2009
Best Poem of Richard Stopps

My Life Ever Changed By Dogs! ! !

In a town called Grimsby
Lived a man with his boots.
Sometimes he wore blue jeans
And sometimes wore suits.

From an old sweaty sweatshirt
To starched shirt with tie
His beard was all trimmed
When he caught 'The Saint's' eye.

She was lookin' him up
And lookin' him down
Whatever she saw there?
Was a mystery about town.

With pocket protectors
He looked like a Nerd.
And his plastic (taped) glasses
Were totally absurd.

His socks sometimes tattered
Oft not a pair
Hiding under those boots
Unseen without ...

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A Lesson Not Learned

He did not know which way to go?
On mountain high, capped cold with snow.
His matted hair tossed to and fro,
He did not know which way to go.

He once knew love, on distant shore,
He'd showed his love, more and more.
Then one day Their love grew dim,
'It's time to go', they said to him.

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