rico avila


Poems of rico avila

1. Call It A Poem 1/16/2009
2. Dance Of War 1/14/2009
3. Do Not Stand At My Grave 1/18/2009
4. Jefferson Park 1/16/2009
5. PRIDE 1/14/2009
6. Tough Streets Of Chicago 1/14/2009
7. Walking Eddie 1/18/2009

Tough Streets Of Chicago

Tough streets of Chicago, you made me who I am.
Tough streets of Chicago, for me you had a plan.
You forced me to observe, what kids my age did not.
You taught me to look and see, always looking for a plot.
You taught me to react, and kept me on my toes.
You taught me to examine, the actions of my foes.
You forced me to react, in situations dire.
You made sure I would function, when I came under fire.
You made sure I was tough, made sure I'd understand,

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