Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Silver Star - 4,040 Points (June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. Poems

1. Zygotic Death 1/23/2010
2. Youths Are Castrated 1/25/2012
3. Youthfulness Vital 7/26/2010
4. Youth, Not Dance Is Watched 7/12/2010
5. Youth Is Temporary. 3/5/2011
6. Youth Is Blind 12/5/2009
7. Youth Covers Up Immaturity 11/13/2009
8. Yours Not In Your Hand 1/15/2010
9. Yours Is The Basic 1/4/2009
10. Yours Is Not The Sole Cause 1/9/2009
11. Your Woman Is A Chestnut 12/17/2009
12. Your Woman 3/25/2011
13. Your Wish Is Of No Value 3/25/2011
14. Your Visit A Balm 6/22/2010
15. Your View Of Me Is Not In My Hand 10/14/2010
16. Your Time Matters 4/7/2011
17. Your Time 2/12/2010
18. Your Strength 4/18/2009
19. Your Rivals 3/21/2009
20. Your Prowess Up [adult] 1/13/2013
21. Your Productions 10/19/2010
22. Your Position 8/14/2010
23. Your Place Is Your Heaven. 1/11/2010
24. Your Name To Die 10/2/2010
25. Your Mirth In Mating 12/5/2010
26. Your Love Makes Me Shy. 1/15/2010
27. Your Legacy 9/24/2011
28. Your King Is Your Slave. 5/31/2009
29. Your Intelligence 9/24/2011
30. Your Identity Is With Your Spouse. 5/3/2010
31. Your Identities 6/29/2011
32. Your Fortune 11/29/2010
33. Your Force Is A Part In The Result. 3/17/2011
34. Your Faculties 4/14/2011
35. Your Envy Is My Pride. F 1/8/2012
36. Your Emotion 5/27/2011
37. Your Children Will Watch You 3/16/2012
38. Your Children Will Copy You 7/3/2011
39. Your Aura 6/20/2010
40. Your Are The Taj Mahal 5/13/2010
Best Poem of Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

A Woman Forty Plus Aspires

I must be the centre of attention
And reaffirm my desirability.
I must feel validated as a woman
And re-experience the romance of love.
Let be burnt the ennui of monogamy.
Let come again the sexual excitement
That I went through at my first night.
Need not the man in focus be a prince,
An emperor nor a millionaire.
Let him be the one I want to be with,
In accordance with my safety,
Proximity and convenience.
Just for a ‘love you leave you alliance.’
Yes, I must waste no time to test my worth
And remain faithful with my husband.


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Cleopatra’s Glory

Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt;
Cleopatra was the queen of beauty.
She came to the throne at her eighteen
The first century BC witnessed it.

To get back her Egypt from her brother,
She sought the hand of Julius Caesar,
The mighty one Rome had ever seen,
And set to sell her asset of beauty.

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