Robert McCallum

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Biography of Robert McCallum

Robert Liam McCallum is a poet and Gothic fiction writer who currently lives in Western Montana where he says that the mountains and open expanses are more conducive to inspiration.
Raised in Wheatridge, Colorado, Robert attended the University of Colorado and has since lived and travelled in the UK. He has been writing and stockpiling for many years, but has just recently decided to publish.
Robert writes poetry, novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories that are set in various times and places in history. His most successful work is Hawthorne Cottage, a Victorian ghost story / murder mystery set in England in 1849.

Robert McCallum's Works:

Hawthorne Cottage / Horror / Ghost Story
The Black Bird / Horror / Ghost Story
The Stir of a Thousand Voices / Horror / Ghost Story
The Continuous Turn / Horror Anthology
From Ashes to Ashes / Horror / Ghost Story
Reunion Day / Horror
Amarantha / Horror / Ghost Story
Trudging / Poetry
A Mirage of Many Things / Poetry
Always Dreaming / Poetry Updates


The most abominable aspect of war is its necessity.

To where are you marching, soldier,
Is it to some dreadful foreign war?
Why must you leave your home again,
As you've done so many times before?
Where this morn does the turbulence crest
That sends you marching into the night?

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