Treasure Island

Robert Sheridan

Poems of Robert Sheridan

221. Wooden Animals 1/31/2008
222. Worth 2/8/2008
223. Wrap 1/31/2008
224. Wreck 4/28/2008
225. Wrecktoric 10/9/2008
226. Yes, I'm Falling 9/22/2008
227. You’re the One 1/31/2008
228. 'Yowzah Yowzah Yowzah' 8/6/2008
229. Zero to 98,98 to Zero 9/25/2008


The sun has set upon our make believe friendship
You never really took a chance to know me and now I have parted
The indications are strong that I will never return
For there is a whisper in the air of your promises unkept

The untruths heaved-up, hung loaded over any beliefs
Your unwritten words scattered and never reached me
I would never have the chance to see or read them
Yet I was willing to lay down my emotions - they are now silent

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