Treasure Island

Robinson Jeffers

(10 January 1887 – 20 January 1962 / Allegheny, Pennsylvania)

Poems of Robinson Jeffers

121. The Stars Go Over The Lonely Ocean 1/13/2003
122. The Summit Redwood 1/13/2003
123. The Tower Beyond Tragedy 4/12/2010
124. The Trap 4/12/2010
125. The Treasure 4/12/2010
126. The Truce And The Peace 4/12/2010
127. The Wind-Struck Music 4/12/2010
128. Thebaid 4/12/2010
129. Theory Of Truth 4/12/2010
130. Thurso’s Landing 4/12/2010
131. Time Of Disturbance 1/13/2003
132. To A Young Artist 1/13/2003
133. To His Father 4/12/2010
134. To The House 4/12/2010
135. To The Rock That Will Be A Cornerstone Of The House 4/12/2010
136. To The Stone-Cutters 1/13/2003
137. Tor House 1/13/2003
138. Vulture 1/13/2003


Civilized, crying: how to be human again; this will tell you how.
Turn outward, love things, not men, turn right away from humanity,
Let that doll lie. Consider if you like how the lilies grow,
Lean on the silent rock until you feel its divinity
Make your veins cold; look at the silent stars, let your eyes
Climb the great ladder out of the pit of yourself and man.
Things are so beautiful, your love will follow your eyes;
Things are the God; you will love God and not in vain,
For what we

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