Ronjoy Brahma

Gold Star - 25,987 Points (2 November 1994- / Amteka (Chirang) /Assam, India)

Biography of Ronjoy Brahma

Ronjoy Brahma poet

Ronjoy Brahma is an Indian poet, diarist and author in Bodo language, a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by the Boro people. Sri Ronjoy has been a poet from small age. He began writing poetry whilst a teenager in the Amteka ME School. His poetry has always been a reflection and relevation of his own spiritual experiences. His early poetry express a range of emotions and feelings a spiritual aspirant passes through. In recent years his poetry has evolved its own unique style and is best suited as a guide and inspiration to the spiritual life of a seeker. at an early age (10-years-old) he is already knew that " I wanted to an author and a poet." Sri Ronjoy is a growing young Bodo language poet from Chirang district of north-east India. Ronjoy has been writing poetry from the age of twelf (12) , when he was reading in Amteka ME School. and was first published in 2012, age of 16. the theme of his poetry is about Art, Beauty, Children, Culture, Death, Dream, Education, Flowers, Future, God, Happiness, History, Hope, Identity, Irony, Knowledge, Life, Love, Memories, Mother, Nature, Peace, Poetry, Prayer, Religion, Sadness, Sexuality, Sunrise & Sunset etc.
Early life & Biography
Ronjoy was born November 2,1994 into the Bodo speaking family to Lahen Brahma (1964) and Sumitra Brahma (1972) in the village of Chirang district, in northeast India. under Bijini sub-division (now Amguri) . his father is a cultivator, while his mother is a homemaker. Ronjoy Brahma is the third of four children. He has two elder sister Sonjima, Ronjima and one younger brother name Prema Brahma. when the Ronjoy Brahma is a age of 4 to 8 years old, he is a simple and witless. with he is unclean and any activity undertaken for pleasure. at that time his father gave him the nick name of the Bakhunda (meaning tilthy) , a name that stuck to him in family and village circles after 2004 to 2007. and after that his village friends (mainly senior brothers) call him the name Phwila (A boro filmy comedian actor name) , a name that stuck to him in village circles and outsides, from 2010 to till today. now some others college friends call him the other name Latha (like pupa) , other Ron & Krang Krang.
School & Education
He was student of Kumguri LP School (2000-2006) , class 0 to 4. Amteka ME School (2006-2009) , class 5 to 7. Amteka High School (2009-2012) , class 8 to 10. from this high school he passed his matriculation High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) in 2012, under Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) . and after that he attended Bongaigaon College for his higher secondary (2012-2014) . from this college he passed his post- university graduated (PU) , under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) in 2014. and then entered same college for his Bachelor of Arts (BA) academic Three Year Degrre Course (TDC) in Bodo Literature, under Gauhati University.
Career & Literary Career
Ronjoy Brahma started writing poetry when he was twelf, from school days. while still of high school in Amteka, he published his first poem at the age of 16, when he was a student of Amteka High School. when he was studying in class 10. early in his literary career, he wrote mainly poetry, and published half a dozen poetry between 2012 to 2015, often with child oppression as a them, and often Containing very graphic language. since then, he is spadually moved on in the path of his literary career, and he has written essays, Short-story, novel and more than thousands poetry he has write till 2015. Many more his articles are published in some of magazines, souvenir, newspaper and emagazine.
Ronjoy Brahma published his first poem at the age of 16. He started writing poetry at a very early age, and was well known as a poet in his own state by the time he graduated from Higher Secondary. Here is a list of some of his other notable poem works- Baonai Nonga Bodofa (We can't forget, Oh Father of the Bodos,2012) , Thunlai Swrjini (Let's create our own literary,2012) , Dinwini Gwswkhantiyao (Memoirs of Today 2013) , Miniglabnai (It's Funny 2014) , Gangse Laizam: Swrang Dhinti Gurunw (A Letter to Gurudev 2015) , Shakespearni Sainasali (The Shakspean Stage 2015) , Agwi Seowalini Phailee (Blooming of Darling Night-flowering Shefali 2015) , Jongkailu Khontaini Mwnse Jongkai Lu (That's Funny; Humour in poetry 2015) , Jahir (Forever 2015) , Gwdan Fwisali (New Stage 2016) , Khafal bungphobnai (The Lucky 2016)

Ronjoy Brahma's Works:

Baonai Nonga Bodofa-poetry (2012) , Tunlai Swrjini -poetry (2012) , Dinwini Gwswkangthiyao-poetry (2013) , Miniglabnai- poetry (2014)
Gangse laijam: swrang dinthi gurunw- poetry (2015)
William Shakespeareni Sainasali- poetry (2015)
Agwi Seoalini Paili- poetry (2015)
Jongkailu Konthaini Mwnse Jongkhailu- poetry (2015) Updates

गोरबो इसिँनिफ्राइ -01

फुंनि गोजोन बारजोँ रंजानाय
बाज्ल' बाज्ल' दाउसिननि मोसानाय
रंजायो आंनि गोरबोआ मिनिस्लुनायाव
बिसोरनि गोजोन मोसानायाव
आय' जोँमा गावदां मोदान्नाय
मिनिस्लुनाया मोदानो मेगनाव
मोस्लेट् सोरांनि आन्दायनाय
खुसिया फैयो गोरबोआव

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