Rosmin Elsa Mohan

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Biography of Rosmin Elsa Mohan

I am a researcher in Physics, specializing in Nonlinear Optics...

I enjoy silence and the woods.

I am passionate about love and all things beautiful.

I hate opportunists.

Writing gives me a personal aura.

I love Physics, the more i read about it, the more I am confused.. but that's whats its all about! !

I love traveling, every travel has highlighted the Me within me..

I believe in a higher power, but am too small to talk about religion.

I think that's it.. (for now! !)

Rosmin Elsa Mohan's Works:

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I See You

He walks not in vehement strides
He talks not with pretentious pride
Glee adorns his tiny face
Angelic, in awesome grace
His ways are pure; his prayers just
He fears not of what's to be
He shuts his eyes in an honest plea
Heads bowed in awe to see
Embracing time as it comes

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