Ross Bateman

Rookie (10/10/75 / Kingston Hospital)

Biography of Ross Bateman

I have had a great life nad just joined this site,
the sites great and i think my poems are great to.
I really enjoy submitting poems here on poemhunter and enjoy getting lots of comments to!

My poems are random, very random, whatever comes into my head I straight away just write about it, I have written some books in my time and when i was a schoolboy, i sold the book to schoolmates. Buy my books nowadays are just a tiny bit famous to me and my relatives.

I have written at least 11 books and have not published 8 propaly yet, I enjoy writing books and will definately become a great famous author when I grow up, so I will write lots of things and try not to stop writing great poems and books for EVERYBODY to read and comment on.

I will write more poems and expect GOOD, MAYBE GREAT, comments in the future.

So thanks and...

By: Ross Bateman (a great author)

Ross Bateman's Works:

1. The Rhino's Strange Diet
2. 'What did I do? ! '
3. 'Do I have to? '
4. The very badly smashed window! ]
5. Fred
6. Jerry
7. My family and what they do
8. 'Am I stange? '
9. Football crazy
10. My mad mother! Updates


What is in the pond
is it a alligator or a big fat shark
would it be a frog
or just a little fish
who knows what is lurking in there
every person who tries to see
always ends up...
bnut only a person

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