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Rookie (August 2,1992)

Biography of Ruby ...

I am 16 and have been writing poems for quite a while. I had a composition notebook filled with poems front to back. Most of them would be published on here but I lost the book. In it were some of the most well written poems that I have ever gotten down on paper. That book had the first poem I ever wrote, inside of it. But anyways. I'm glad I found this place because now I have the chance to start over with my poems. -Ruby (my name isn't really Ruby, but I thought it was pretty so I used it. If you want to know my real name, just ask.)

Ruby ...'s Works:

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Nowhere To Be

Two things at home I havn't yet heard,
The laughter of a faimily and one four-letter word. (love)

Lie to your loved ones and hate all your friends.
Frown at your good deeds and smile at your sins.

Go to hell when you finally die.
Laugh when you get there then say goodbye.

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