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(30 December 1865 – 18 January 1936 / Bombay)

Poems of Rudyard Kipling

461. The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo 1/3/2003
462. The Song at Cock-Crow 1/3/2003
463. The Song Of The Banjo 12/31/2002
464. The Song OF The Cities 12/31/2002
465. The Song Of The Dead 12/31/2002
466. The Song of the English 1/3/2003
467. The Song of the Little Hunter 12/31/2002
468. The Song of the Old Guard 12/31/2002
469. The Song OF The Sons 12/31/2002
470. The Song of the Women 12/31/2002
471. The Songs of the Lathes 12/31/2002
472. The Sons of Martha 12/31/2002
473. The Spies' March 12/31/2002
474. The Spring Running 1/3/2003
475. The Storm Cone 3/29/2010
476. The Story Of Ung 12/31/2002
477. The Story of Uriah 12/31/2002
478. The Stranger 12/31/2002
479. The Survival 12/31/2002
480. The Thorkild's Song 12/31/2002

The First Chantey

Mine was the woman to me, darkling I found her;
Haling her dumb from the camp, took her and bound her.
Hot rose her tribe on our track ere I had proved her;
Hearing her laugh in the gloom, greatly I loved her.

Swift through the forest we ran; none stood to guard us,
Few were my people and far; then the flood barred us --
Him we call Son of the Sea, sullen and swollen.
Panting we waited the death, stealer and stolen.

[Hata Bildir]