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Biography of Ryan Sanders

I am living in Alaska and attending college where I plan to pursue an extensive education in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Journalism(?) and an undecided area of Natural Science. I also plan to attend college for the remainder of my life teaching what I learn and writing poetry, books, essays and articles to promote awareness and unity among the people of Earth. I am here for a reason, one that is so massive I am only beginning to understand it's true concept and depth. I will need all the help I can get to do what needs to be done. Everyone is here for a specific reason, keep that in mind.

Ryan Sanders's Works:

I am working on those.

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These Words

These words have never been written
Suppressed because of the Inquisition
No longer can I lie here
Watching you live in fear

Do you hear the Whistling?
Help yourself out
Are you Listening?
You are never full of doubt

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