Treasure Island


Poems of Ryn

1. "Hate you" 10/16/2012
2. "LVM" 10/16/2012
3. "Roses" 10/16/2012
4. 'Fact & Logic' 10/16/2012
5. 'How Do You Walk Away From Someone You Love' - Unknown 10/16/2012
6. 'My LoVe, My True Love' 10/16/2012
7. 'Will You? ' 10/16/2012
8. 'You Are Always On My Mind' 10/16/2012


Light, Venomous, Magnet
You are my Light
Cause you brighten my day with your smile
You are Venomous
Cause you give a venom love so I can't stop loving you
You are a Magnet
Cause I always attract to you

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