Poems of Ryn

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3. "Roses" 10/16/2012
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5. 'How Do You Walk Away From Someone You Love' - Unknown 10/16/2012
6. 'My LoVe, My True Love' 10/16/2012
7. 'Will You? ' 10/16/2012
8. 'You Are Always On My Mind' 10/16/2012

'My LoVe, My True Love'

The day we first met was the day that change my life
Seeing your eyes makes me see the beauty of this world
With that sweet smile, you give me a reason to live
This what makes my life worth living

My LoVe, missing you when you are far
I wanna hold you tight in my arms
My feelings to you are so real
My LoVe, my true love

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