S. J. Fulton

Rookie (NoAB / USA)

Biography of S. J. Fulton

Former career USN officer (Vietnam era) , now member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace. Divorced. One married son, Gulf War veteran. A granddaughter. Began writing, editing, illustrating in grammar school, continued until retirement. 20+ books & government pamphlets, articles, illustrations in books and magazines, poetry published in 'little magazines'. Active in Unitarian Universalist church, economic & social justice, peace & alternate energy. Haven't watched TV in years. BA Linguistics (English) : MA Medieval History and Philosophy.

S. J. Fulton's Works:

Power Unlimited-or P.U. (comic book, wrote & illustrated, EAE) : Save Energy: Save Money (U.S. Govt) : Producing Your Own Power (editor & contributor, Rodale) : Alternative Sources of Energy: Practical Technology and Philosophy for a Decentralized Society (Seabury) : Royal Castle Building in Medieval England (SCA booklet) : The Path of Knowledge (Unitarian Universalist Assoc.) , etc.

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Sonnet To J.L. #1

I wonder why your ships are painted green
While ours are gray? I’ve heard some sailors say
That swift ships, camouflaged, can move unseen
Against the sea. Strange, though, it’s always cold gray
Winter’s sea that we anticipate.
I think perhaps you’re wiser with your green.
It is as though you mean to imitate
The warmer, friendlier seas that lie between
The tropics. I wonder, could it be

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