S. J. Fulton

(NoAB / USA)

Poems of S. J. Fulton

1. A Knight Curses God in the 1361 Plague 5/14/2005
2. A Woman in a Very Hostile Land 5/14/2005
3. Concerning Joe McCarthy 5/14/2005
4. Drought Deterred 5/14/2005
5. Mr. Wenceslas 5/14/2005
6. O Oil Slick 5/14/2005
7. Oahu 5/14/2005
8. Song of the Exiles 5/14/2005
9. Sonnet to J.L. #1 5/14/2005
10. Sonnet to J.L. #5 5/14/2005
11. Sonnet: To Emily Dickinson 5/14/2005
12. The Hills of Aiea 5/14/2005
13. The Sixties-excerpt 5/14/2005

Sonnet to J.L. #1

I wonder why your ships are painted green
While ours are gray? I’ve heard some sailors say
That swift ships, camouflaged, can move unseen
Against the sea. Strange, though, it’s always cold gray
Winter’s sea that we anticipate.
I think perhaps you’re wiser with your green.
It is as though you mean to imitate
The warmer, friendlier seas that lie between
The tropics. I wonder, could it be

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