Saiom Shriver


Biography of Saiom Shriver

Thank you that your eyelight
does to life my poems ignite.

In my humble opinion, we are all love incarnate,
pilgrims on the road of love, back to our hearts
in which God who is Infinite Love dwells.

I have put many poems on this website, and it is
my deep prayer that if any appeal to you they
be printed on paper which does not kill trees.

The first one was written in 1956, and the others
since then. When the internet became available,
they were added onto websites.

If any are upsetting to you, please give me your

I have tried to walk upon water and failed. These poems have been written on the bottom of the pond.

God who answers to all names by which called from
any faith or lack thereof, bless you in every way
and forever.

Saiom Shriver's Works:

Individual poems can be reproduced on the internet if
there is no commercial charge, if individual poems remain unedited
and if the author's name is included with the poems.
Up to 12 poems can be reproduced in a book if
individual poems remain unedited and author's name
is included with poems. Updates

Slipping Earth Ties


Fire has left the hearth
Nautilus climbed from shell
Perfume flowed from bottle
Prisoner gone from cell

Butterfly flutterbied cocoon

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