Saiom Shriver

Gold Star - 4,754 Points (Ohio)

Saiom Shriver Poems

1. Zz: Insect Rights In The World's Religions 4/11/2014
2. Zz Zucchini Noodles 12/6/2014
3. Zz Your Wish Is Granted 12/27/2014
4. Zz Yellowstone's Hot Magma 8/12/2014
5. Zz Why Do Many Christians Oppose Capital Punishment 11/6/2014
6. Zz What's In Hot Dogs? 4/9/2014
7. Zz War And Alcohol 4/10/2014
8. Zz Us Government Tree Killers 8/28/2014
9. Zz Two Masters 11/3/2014
10. Zz Turkey Rights 11/12/2014
11. Zz Treefree Paper From Coconut Husks, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Mango, Etc. 3/7/2014
12. Zz Thoughts On Forgiveness 8/12/2014
13. Zz This Year's Flu Shots Causing Guillain-Barre And Other Lethal Side Effects 1/28/2014
14. Zz The Plot Against Pot 10/9/2014
15. Zz The Omnivore's Dilemma 6/8/2014
16. Zz The Many Ways Soldiers Die 9/2/2014
17. Zz The Double Standard Of Pbs Tv And Frontline Re Vladimir Putin 1/14/2015
18. Zz Soldier Victims Of Government Warwaging 8/13/2014
19. Zz Shakespeare's Animal And Plant Rights Consciousness 4/21/2014
20. Zz Sathya Sai Baba And B7 12/30/2014
21. Zz Rod Serling And His Guru 9/22/2014
22. Zz Pres. Carter's Grandson 10/4/2014
23. Zz One Source Of Human Depression 12/6/2014
24. Zz Ohio: Reasons To Vote Out Kasich 10/9/2014
25. Zz National Football League Violence 9/17/2014
26. Zz Mysterious Plane Crashes 10/19/2014
27. Zz Myriad Reasons To Stop Eating Animals 1/4/2014
28. Zz Mike Nichols Dead At 83 11/20/2014
29. Zz Master Of Miracles 12/8/2014
30. Zz Lustbusters 9/23/2014
31. Zz Lethal Gardasil 10/15/2014
32. Zz Keystone Pipeline Corporation Wants Eminent Domain 2/12/2015
33. Zz Ken Saro-Wiwa And Richard North Patterson 10/8/2014
34. Zz Journalist Gary Webb Crucified For Revealing Cia Cocaine Distribution 10/10/2014
35. Zz Isaac Tigrett, Sai Baba And The Hard Rock Cafe 1/19/2014
36. Zz Internet Or Books 5/2/2014
37. Zz How The Us Government Can Save Trillions 4/8/2014
38. Zz How Lou Gehrig And Mao Tse Tung Got Lou Gehrig's Disase 8/22/2014
39. Zz Help The U.S. Join The Civilized World. Vote Out Serially Killing Judges, Governors 11/1/2014
40. Zz Hazards To Wildlife 6/12/2014
Best Poem of Saiom Shriver

My Sister

My sister: helicopter
rescue carrier
floating in sea that others
may fly
My sister the mother bird
by nestlings
teaching them to
soar in the sky
My sister the lake
remaining in quarry
that thirsty babies
may come to drink
My sister the guru with eyes
so starry
carrying more weight that
others not sink.

My sister the last to leave the ship
making sure that all others are safe
My sister the Statue of Liberty
taking all weary all starving heart waifs
My sister the flower
who blooms where she's planted
that lonely...

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The Way Of Buddhism

Poems To Buddhists Or The Buddha Nature


Issa saw from
the great Buddha's nose
a starling fly
Perhaps in the desert
Jesus saw a scorpion crawl

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