Samantha Desmond

Samantha Desmond Poems

1. Untitled 12/3/2008
2. I Do Not Care 12/3/2008
3. Tell Yourself Your Beautiful 12/3/2008
4. Fragile 12/3/2008
5. Tragic 12/3/2008
6. A Child Cries Because Of Santa 12/4/2008
7. My Brother 12/4/2008
8. Love 12/4/2008
9. Red 12/4/2008
10. Mirror Image 12/4/2008
11. Unknown 12/4/2008
12. Childlike 12/4/2008
13. Wish Me A Dream 12/4/2008
14. Abuse 12/4/2008
15. Drowning With His Cries 12/4/2008
16. Facing It 12/4/2008
17. Dracula's Bite 12/4/2008
18. Razor 3/19/2009
19. Tragedy 3/19/2009
20. Our Own Beauty 12/4/2008
21. Self-Growth 12/4/2008
22. Tragic Lies 12/4/2008
Best Poem of Samantha Desmond

Tragic Lies

She tells me everything's fine,
so i go about my day,
but with this burning feeling,
something must be wrong.

I see her again in the hall,
later that day,
and on her beautiful face,
she wears this distressed look.

I can't help but ask again,
and again i get the same answer,
everything is fine,
but she can't convince me with her eyes.

I go home after school,
going about my day normally,
doing homework,
and cooking dinner for my younger brother.

12 am, I am in a dead sleep,
about to be disturbed,
by the over and ...

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I Do Not Care

This poem was written about and incident where a white cop shot a 10 year old black boy, he was found innocent even though everyone knew he did it. In class we had to write from any point of view and I chose the point of view of the cop.

And with this gun inside my hand,
A crime not done, I do not care,
Those eyes so mocking, deep and dark,
This colors bad, I have been taught.

Not age, nor height I don’t take in,

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