Samantha Desmond

Samantha Desmond Poems

1. A Child Cries Because Of Santa 12/4/2008
2. Abuse 12/4/2008
3. Childlike 12/4/2008
4. Dracula's Bite 12/4/2008
5. Drowning With His Cries 12/4/2008
6. Facing It 12/4/2008
7. Fragile 12/3/2008
8. I Do Not Care 12/3/2008
9. Love 12/4/2008
10. Mirror Image 12/4/2008
11. My Brother 12/4/2008
12. Our Own Beauty 12/4/2008
13. Razor 3/19/2009
14. Red 12/4/2008
15. Self-Growth 12/4/2008
16. Tell Yourself Your Beautiful 12/3/2008
17. Tragedy 3/19/2009
18. Tragic 12/3/2008
19. Tragic Lies 12/4/2008
20. Unknown 12/4/2008
21. Untitled 12/3/2008
22. Wish Me A Dream 12/4/2008
Best Poem of Samantha Desmond

Tell Yourself Your Beautiful

Tell yourself,
That you love what you are,
Despite the criticism around you,
From the ignorance of the people,
And take a deep breath,
And go on knowing it doesn’t matter.

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I Do Not Care

This poem was written about and incident where a white cop shot a 10 year old black boy, he was found innocent even though everyone knew he did it. In class we had to write from any point of view and I chose the point of view of the cop.

And with this gun inside my hand,
A crime not done, I do not care,
Those eyes so mocking, deep and dark,
This colors bad, I have been taught.

Not age, nor height I don’t take in,

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